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Brand: Lief

Country: Korea

Best Known Print: Sacred Night, Gardenberries

Sizing: S/M, L/XL; max bust on op/jsk: ~110cm, max waist: 90cm

Plus-size friendly: YES

Pricing: $49 - $270

How to order: Send an email to [email protected] with order form information. Usually limited to preorders aka reserves internationally; also sells a few leftover items on their Facebook page.

Launched in 2010, Lief has gone through the cycle of infamy and rebirth as an independent lolita brand. They first came to my attention after I realized that my dream dress is Sacred Night and that I will never buy it secondhand in the L size for a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, there were production problems in the Lief/Mew collaboration. There were 2 main people running the company: Chunghui (seamstress) and Sora (illustrator). After Sacred Night was shipped out, many international customers were upset with the quality of the print and structure of the dress. There are still many bad reviews around

They rebooted the company in 2013 after the drama with Sacred Night. Mew reappeared in the international scene selling with the help of One Day In Paradise (defunct Australian consignment shop) with the Matryoshka The Nesting Doll series and My Tart series. They have recently partnered with Ergi for European distribution and Lolita Collective for selling leftovers from older releases from ODIP.