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Lady Sloth

Brand: Lady Sloth

Country: Poland

Best Known Print: Clock print, Silk Cherubims print

Sizing: All Custom Size

Plus-size friendly: YES

Pricing: $35 - $150

How to order: Send her a PM via Facebook and she'll reply with an order form. Must know measurements. Payment is via Paypal.

This fairly new indie brand was established in February 2012 and soon became well known for its affordable and beautiful pieces. Behind the scenes, the shop is managed by a mother (tailor) and daughter ("designer") duo in Poland. They have never been pictured! They promote online via egl_comm_sales and their Facebook page. What made them even more popular was their policy on sizing: everything is custom sized and there's no extra fee for plus sizing! There was also the fact that their shop is cheaper than any major indie brand on the market right now besides Taobao shops. If you want a custom order, she is always open for different designs.

Items sold by Lady Sloth: blouse, bolero (lace/cotton), skirt (regular/high-waisted), JSK, OP, petticoat, bustier

Potential problems: moderate English communication (English not first language), fitting problems (happened to someone I know where it was TOO big but she didn't bother contacting about it), unflattering stock photos, wait time (~2 months from payment to arrival)

Special discounts: win the monthly outfit contest or buy something in preorder event

Want inspiration for your coord? Look at #Lady Sloth tag on Tumblr OR daily-lolita on Livejournal.

Fun fact: The silk cherubims fabric is used by Surface Spell (left) AND modifed for a Juliette et Justine OP (right). Lady Sloth JSK pictured below.

All creations by Lady Sloth taken from her Facebook page.