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Brand: Haenuli

Country: Korea

Best Known Print: Sleeping Beauty, Stained Glass of St Giles, Royal Kitten

Sizing: Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3; max bust on op/jsk: ~110cm, max waist: 90cm

Plus-size friendly: YES

Pricing: $25 - $245

How to order: Send an email to [email protected] with order form information listed on Livejournal. Usually limited to preorders internationally; can only buy older release items at their vendor booth at conventions.

Founded in 2007, Haenuli, a Korean indie brand, is taking the lolita world by storm with their vibrant and detailed prints, often featuring wonderous photoshoots with beautiful models. It certainly makes them stand out from the other 2 well-known Korean brands, Baroque and Lief. There has been no drama in the past; however, they sell out pretty fast on preorder. Their items are mostly sold internationally on preorder status only; good luck finding it secondhand or at their vendor booth at conventions! 

I personally found out about this brand through Cute in Korea, a blog about an American living in Seoul, South Korea. She wrote about Lolita Day in one of her blog posts and later mentioned Haenuli! in a photoshoot post. In addition, my local anime convention had a lolita fashion show featuring the Stained Glass of St. Giles jsk, along with a lolita in the audience who was wearing a complete Sleeping Beauty coord. Seeing Haenuli's clothing in person also helped me admire the brand even more.

Haenuli portrays professionalism in their presentation and handling of sales and website. The owner or friends who help Haenuli out frequently updates on egl_comm_sales, Tumblr, and Facebook. By incorporating Tumblr into their social networking sites, it reaches out to an international audience of lolitas, who have switched over to Tumblr for the reblogging pictures aspect from Livejournal. They will reblog posts with reviews, photoshoots, or OOTDs as long as you tag #Haenuli. She has also teamed up with The Snow Field to become sister brands, furthering their exposure into the US lolita awareness.

This brand often features uncommon cuts in their OPs compared to other indie brands. For example, the angel sleeves on their Royal Kitten OP, curtain bustle to open up to view the castle print underneath in their Dreaming Cinderella OP, drop cut back in many of their OPs, and long sleeves in their Stained Glass OP. Utilizing a dropped waist bodice in their JSKs, it elongates certain body shapes and makes it a great addition to the usual normal or high waisted cuts of brand clothing. Additionally, they have a wide variety of uncommon colorways such as violet, green, wine, ivory (offwhite), and lavender. 

 Please view this fashion film for Haenuli by Deerstalker Pictures. It incorporates the fairytale themes in her prints into the visual narrative. 

Lastly, what makes them stand out even more is their physical boutique in South Korea. Located at #128 , 171-1, Songgangdong ,Yuseong-gu, Daejeoon 305-802, it can be a lolita destination when visiting the country! This brand also hosts tea parties and gatherings so be on the lookout if you're an international student studying in South Korea or just even going there for vacation.

Items sold by Haenuli: skirt, JSK, OP, bows, bonnet, tights

Potential problems: high shipping cost (EMS), delays in communication due to high demand and different time zone in Korea

Special discounts: N/A 

Want inspiration for your coord? Look at #Haenuli tag on Tumblr OR Customer Photos Album on Haenuli's Facebook page.

Fun Fact: Haenuli was featured on a Korean broadcast about lolita after finding a mother and daughter dressed in lolita fashion on the streets! 

Korea Public TV “SBS” (Seoul Broadcasting System) “생방송 투데이” –LOLITA FASHION

It's also wonderful on how accepting the mother and young daughter's family were of lolita fashion! This is not always the case with families.

Slideshow images © Haenuli